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SKR Promotions

by Damon Oudejans on 25th Oct, 2018

Refer friends to Skrilla, earn the SKR token!

Skrilla Co-Founder
Damon Oudejans

Earn SKR has arrived!

As indicated in our last blog post, we’ve been getting a ton of requests from users wanting to earn SKR tokens. We listened, and promised we would deliver on this as a priority :)

We are happy to announce we have just launched phase one of Skrilla Promotions, which now allows users to earn SKR when they invite friends to join the festivities 😎.

For each friend you invite, you both earn 25 SKR, which has a Skrilla Marketplace value of roughly $5 USD each. To checkout what you can spend it on visit here.

How it works

  1. Navigate to the Promotions page from the main menu.
  2. Each user receives a unique referral code. You can share the code with your friends.
  3. Your friends can claim the code in one of two ways:

a) They can enter the code when they register an account; or

b) They can enter the code on their Promotions page.

promo page

Some additional info

  1. You can refer as many legit friends as you want.

  2. A user can only claim a single Refer-a-Friend code.

  3. Both you and your friend/s will receive the Promotional SKR after you both have entered 3 or more contests.

For more info check out our FAQ

What’s next?

Refer a friend is the first phase of SKR Promotions. We have a range of exciting ideas, many of which have been provided by the community, which we are implementing. Allowing users to earn SKR in a number of ways which grow the platform.

We have also been working on a much larger project which we will launch next week, keep your eyes peeled :)

Damon — Skrilla