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CS:GO Betting & Prediction Guide

Read Skrilla's guide to betting on CS:GO, from placing your first bet, through to the different bets that can be made and the different tournaments.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the fourth instalment of the Counter Strike series developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation and when it comes to competitive esports, CSGO is the old fan faithful. CSGO has a loyal following built off the back of a game that’s been around in one format or another for nearly two decades and its popularity reaches across the globe. The competitive scene is strong and well organised, with teams that have formed global brands that fans support with fierce allegiance, creating the perfect storm for csgo match betting.

The fast paced and simple format of CSGO has made CSGO gambling a popular activity among both casual fans who want to turn up the excitement whilst watching, as well as the more seasoned game experts who fancy turning their strong CSGO knowledge into winnings!

When it comes to CSGO gambling sites Skrilla is a betting platform that’s dedicated to offering a wide range of betting markets, with solid odds on all the major CSGO leagues and tournaments globally.

This is Skrilla's guide to CSGO betting.

Why bet on CSGO?

  • It’s fast paced! CSGO is an action packed esport making it an exciting game to watch and bet on.
  • A match usually runs for about 45 to 60 minutes so you don’t have to wait long to reap the rewards for your successful csgo bets, or, saddle up again if things don’t go your way initially.
  • Matches run around the clock, all year. CSGO has a huge reach with competitions across the globe so there is almost always a csgo match to bet on.
  • CSGO is simple to follow which makes csgo gambling a joy.
  • Illegal csgo skins betting was turning over billions before Valve stepped in and began to crack down on the sites. Now there is a void which is being filled by legitimate, licensed csgo betting sites such as Skrilla that provide an improved alternative to the once booming skins betting market.

How to Bet on CSGO

Skrilla is an esports betting platform that offers betting markets on CSGO. As a CSGO betting site we create odds on esports tournaments and matches to create betting markets (see CSGO betting markets further below). Users can then place bets on those markets.

You can learn more about how odds works by reading this FAQ.
To get involved in CSGO match betting you must first create a Skrilla account:

  • Go to
  • Click the register button and complete the registration details.
  • You must be 18+ to create an account and bet.
  • During the registration process we collect some personal information, such as full name, DOB and address. We require this information as we need to verify your identity due to regulatory reasons.

We are committed to ensuring our users information is stored securely, and work closely with a third party verification service in order to maximise information security when obtaining sensitive information.

Deposit cash After you have created an account, you will need to deposit cash into the platform via a debit or credit card payment. Once you have done that you are ready to bet on csgo.

For more help and information on depositing cash see our FAQ.

Place a bet After depositing cash, navigate to the Skrilla betting page and filter to the CSGO betting markets. Select the team or event you would like to place a bet on, and add it to the betslip (you can think of the betslip, like a shopping cart for an online store). Then enter the amount of money you want to wager. This is called the Stake. Submit the bet and you’re done!

For more information on how to place a bet follow our FAQ.

Types of CSGO bets - Skrilla’s CSGO’s Main Betting Markets:

Market TypeDescription
WinnerThe most common type of bet is to bet outright on a ‘winner’ market. As an example this would be to place a bet on Astralis to beat Faze Clan.

In CSGO, there are 30 rounds per map. If a team gets to 16 they win. Overtime occurs when each team wins 15 rounds. In overtime an additional 6 rounds are played. To win a team must win 4 of the 6 rounds.
Map HandicapA map handicap is introduced on the better team, setting a margin, which effectively makes the game equal.

For example you may place a bet on ‘Map 1: Astralis to win -1.5’.

This means you are betting on Astralis to win more maps than Faze Clan but because Astralis are considered the better team they start at -1.5, meaning they need to win at least 1.5 more maps than Faze Clan to win.

This would be in a scenario when the teams play a best of 3 or best of 5 maps.
Total Maps, Correct ScoreWhen teams play a best of 2,3 or 5 map matches:

Pick the correct score in a best of 2 map. Example 1:1

Pick the correct score in a best of 3 map. Example 2:1

Pick the correct score in a best of 5 map. Example 3:2

1st Map - Winner (incl. Overtime)Pick the team to win the first map (incl. Overtime)
1st Map - Round Handicap (incl. Overtime)A round handicap is introduced on the better team, setting a margin, which effectively makes the game equal.

For example you may place a bet on ‘Map 1 - Round Handicap:

Astralis to win -4.5’. This means you are betting on Astralis to win more rounds than Faze Clan but because Astralis are considered the better team they start at -4.5, meaning they need to win at least 4.5 more round than Faze Clan to win.
1st Map - Total Rounds (incl. Overtime)Bet on the total amount of rounds played (incl. Overtime)

For example under 27.5 rounds or over 27.5 rounds.
1st Map - Will there be overtimeBet on whether or not the match will go into overtime.
2nd Map - Winner (incl. Overtime)Pick the team to win the second map.
3rd Map - Winner (incl. Overtime)Pick the team to win the third map.
1st Map - 1st KillPick the team to get the first kill.
OutrightsOutrights is when you place a bet on a team to reach the quarter finals, semi finals, or win an entire tournament.

Which leagues is betting available

Skrilla offers csgo betting markets on a huge selection of csgo esports tournaments and leagues:

January to MarchApril to JuneJuly to SeptemberOctober to December
Starladder I-League InvitationalAdrenaline Cyber League--
Assembly Winter-Assembly Summer-
--Blast Pro Series IstanbulBlast Pro Series Copenhagen
Copenhagen Games--Cybergamer Premier League
ESEA North AmericanESEA North AmericanESEA North AmericanESEA North American
ESEA EuropeESEA EuropeESEA EuropeESEA Europe
ESL NA Pro LeagueESL NA Pro League-ESL NA Pro League
ESL EU Pro LeagueESL EU Pro League-ESL EU Pro League
ESL China Pro League--ESL China Pro League
-ESL UK Premiership Pro League-ESL UK Premiership Pro League
-ESL SEA Pro League-ESL SEA Pro League
-ESL ANZ Pro League-ESL ANZ Pro League
-ESL Brazil Premier LeagueESL Brazil Premier LeagueESL Brazil Premier League
-ESL Benelux Championship-ESL Benelux Championship
---ESL Dutch Championship
-ESL MeisterschaftESL MeisterschaftESL Meisterschaft
--ESL VIP Adria LeagueESL VIP Adria League
--ESL ONE Cologne-
--ESL ONE New York-
-ESL Masters Espana-ESL Masters Espana
--ESL Pro European ChampionshipESL Pro European Championship
---ESL South East Europe Championship
---ESL Proximus Championship
--ESL Championnat NationalESL Championnat National
-ESL LA League--
-ESL Mistrzostwa PolskiESL Mistrzostwa Polski-
-ESL One Belo Horizonte--
---ESL Clash of Nations
Intel Extreme Masters Oceania QualifiersIntel Extreme Masters SydneyIntel Extreme Masters ShanghaiIntel Extreme Masters Chicago
V4 Future Sports Festival---
Zen Esports Network LeagueZen Esports Network LeagueZen Esports Network League-
--ECS Challenger CupECS Challenger Cup
-Polska Liga Esportowa--
Esport Balkan League---
--Games Clash Masters-
Gfinity Elite Series UKGfinity Elite Series UKGfinity Elite Series UK-
Hellcase CupHellcase Cup-Hellcase Cup
iBuyPower Invitational--iBuyPower Masters
---Nations Elite Esports
--OGA Counter PIT-
--PGL Major-
-Asia Championship--
-PMU Challenge--
---ROG Masters
Starladder I-League StarseriesStarladder I-League Starseries-Starladder I-League Starseries Masters--
-QI Invitational--
X InvitationalX Invitational--
-GOCASE Challenge--
-Farmskins Championship--
GG OriginGG MajesticGG Summer Europe & CIS-
-Uwin Asian Invitational--
-Thunderpick Invitational--
--ZOTAC Cup Masters-

CSGO the Esports Betting mainstay

Esports is riding a crazy wave of momentum right now and its growth and awareness on the global stage is not showing any signs of slowing down. New games continue to emerge but CSGO continues to hold its own within the Esports scene. Its combination of simplicity and fast paced action makes it a delight to watch and with a well oiled global competitive structure that offers tournaments on a frequent basis, csgo gambling will be enjoyed by many for time to come.
Skrilla is an Esports Betting site. Only esports, nothing more.