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How to Start Betting on CSGO

Read Skrilla's guide to the basic of betting on CS:GO, find out what the markets are that can be bet on as well as how the odds are calculated.

CSGO Fans eager to learn how csgo gambling works, look no further. This article will provide a simple yet comprehensive guide on how to bet on csgo with Skrilla.

Skrilla is a brand spanking new esports betting site dedicated purely to esports... and we got you well covered when it comes to csgo betting!

How does CSGO Gambling work?

CSGO Gambling is really simple. We will use two teams as an example to help explain the process. FazeClan are playing a game against Astralis.
Winner bet

To gamble on a CSGO match in its simplest form you would put money on either FazeClan to win or Astralis to win, this is called a ‘Winner’ or ‘head to head bet’.

Think of a winner bet as the main betting market for a match. Sitting under the winner betting market, there are a series of additional markets you can also bet on. These are called additional betting markets or exotic betting markets. Example of these markets are:

  • Map Handicap
  • Total Maps
  • 1st Map Winner
  • 1st Map Round Handicap
  • 1st Map Total Rounds
  • 1st Map Will there be overtime
  • 2nd Map Winner
  • 3rd Map Winner
  • 1st Map First Kill
  • Outrights

Check out this article to get a break down of what each of the additional markets mean and how they work.

How do odds work?

Betting odds are applied to each betting market.

Odds represent the underlying chance that an event will occur. For example when you flip a coin you have a 50% chance it will be heads and a 50% chance it will be tails.

Similarly, when you bet on FazeClan v Astralis there is a chance FazeClan will win and a chance Astralis win. Although this is a head to head matchup, this does not automatically mean the chances that either team will win will be a clean cut 50/50 (as with the coin flip).

One team may be a lot better than the other, thus the chance the better team wins will be more likely. Skrilla manages and creates the betting odds for each betting market which is based on historical data, current form as well as what the market is betting on. If the market (i.e all the people placing bets) are betting heavily on a particular team, this may influence the odds.

Odds are dynamic meaning they often change leading up to the event. However once you place a bet, the odds will be fixed at that point.

On the Skrilla platform odds are represented in decimals. For example a 50/50 bet would be represented as 2.00.
Short odds & Long odds

The closer the odds are to 1.00 indicates there is a strong chance this event will occur. This is called short odds. The further the odds are away from 1.00 indicates the event has a less likely chance of occuring. These are called long odds.

The longer the odds, the bigger potential payout. The shorter the odds, the smaller the payout.
Stake x Odds = Potential Payout

When you place a bet, you stake an amount of money on a particular betting market. The stake amount is multiplied by the odd of that market, and this creates the potential payout amount.

If the odds for FazeClan to beat Astralis are a 1.70 and you stake $10 on FazeClan to win, your potential payout would be $17.00. This would be 1.70 (odds) x $10.00 (your stake).

How to place a bet on Skrilla

Before you can place a csgo bet you need to do two things:
1) Create an account with Skrilla; and 2) Deposit money.
Go to to create an account. To learn how to deposit money follow our FAQ.

Done? Now you are ready to bet on CSGO!
1) Navigate to the bet page

Once you have created an account and deposited money, go to here you will see a list of all the current betting markets.
2) Select the betting market Scroll through the upcoming events and select the csgo betting market you wish to bet on. This will add the betting market to the betslip.
The Betslip When you click on a betting market you would like to bet on, it will be added to the betslip. If you are on desktop you will see the betslip on the right hand side. If you are on a mobile device you can display the betslip by tapping the icon in the top right corner.

You can think of the betslip a bit like an online shopping cart. Adding a bet to the betslip is similar to adding an item to a shopping cart for purchase.
3) Select your Stake amount In the betslip under the betting market you just added, click on the ‘STAKE’ field. In the Stake field enter the amount you wish to bet.
4) Place Bet Once you have entered the stake amount, select the ‘PLACE BET’ button at the bottom of your betslip.
5) Confirm Bet Then click the confirm button at the top of your betslip and your bet will be placed.


How to check the results of a bet

You can view bets won or lost in the Entries page under the historical tab. When a bet is placed it can be viewed in the Entries page under the upcoming tab. Once the event has ended and a result is produced, the bet will move from the upcoming tab to the historical tab. At this point you can see whether you won or lost. You can also view bets won in your eWallet. The eWallet has a ledger that shows all of your transactions.

If you won, your winnings will be added to your eWallet automatically. An email will also be sent out to the email address linked to your account to let you know that you've won.

In some rare instances it make take some time for a result to be verified.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Before you can withdraw your winnings, your Skrilla account must be verified. Please note you must be 18+ to have an account and user Skrilla.

We partner with a 3rd party verification source, who will attempt to verify your identity based on the information you provide during sign up. If your identity cannot be verified at this stage, we will request further information to establish verification.

If your account status is unverified, you can enter your drivers licence details within the account profile verification section.

If successful your account status will change from ‘unverified’ to ‘verified’.

If this is still unsuccessful, a member of our customer support team will contact you and assist in further requirements to verify your identity.

Withdrawing AUD to your bank account

When your account is verified you will be free to withdraw your winnings to your Australian bank account. This is an easy process. From the ewallet enter and save your bank account details:

  • Name
  • BSB
  • Account Number

Then enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select the withdraw button. That’s it! Your winnings will be sent to your bank account within 1 to 5 business days :)

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