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HomeCoverageSkrilla Progress Update — 20 February 2018

Skrilla Progress Update — 20 February 2018

by Damon Oudejans on 19th Feb, 2018

Find out what's new in the Skrilla platform!

Skrilla Co-Founder
Damon Oudejans

Exchange Listing

We are happy to announce we will be listed on our first centralised exchange this week.

The listing is set to take place on 22nd February. We will send out another email on the day with all the relevant information.

We will be running a large promotional campaign to coincide with the launch, so keep your eyes peeled.

Commencement of Marketing

Skrilla’s partner, GAMURS Group have finalised a detailed marketing plan that has a focus on user acquisition for US based users. This is due to begin around mid March.

Latest product improvements

  • Improved Mobile Optimisation — Updated live view screen
  • Add swipe up gestures to mobile build roster screen
  • Redesign player card style on mobile
  • Confirmation modals optimised for mobile
  • Confirmation modal to confirm password has been changed successfully
  • Fixed redirecting of contest rosters on creation of roster revision
  • Added in match streams to mobile
  • Logout confirm modal on mobile added
  • Fixed empty block width in mobile
  • Added wallet links in mobile menu
  • Refactored ‘Add Captain’ modal and added it to mobile
  • Integrated the SKR Tokensale site into
  • Updated salary algorithm to account for players with limited/no historical data. The salary for these players will be more inline with the average.

What we are working on next 🚲

In addition to the ongoing small improvements / tweaks, the larger pieces of work we are working on are:

Notifications: In platform notifications with a smaller subset of email notifications to follow.

Streamline payment system: We are working on implementing a solution that will allow users to cash out SKR to USD on site. Our aim is to reduce friction as much as possible and to provide a quality user experience.

Dota2: Dota2 will be the third game title we will add, to accompany CS:GO and League of Legends.