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HomeCoverageSkrilla Progress Update — 27 January 2018

Skrilla Progress Update — 27 January 2018

by Damon Oudejans on 19th Jan, 2018

Find out whats new in the Skrilla platform!

Skrilla Co-Founder
Damon Oudejans

Hello, Damon here from Skrilla.

It has been a couple weeks since our last update, so it is high time we issued another! Here goes..

Beta Test Phase

Over the last couple weeks we have been running League of Legends daily fantasy contests with our first group of US beta users, utilising SKR tokens, and we are really happy with the progress thus far.

We have received in-depth and quality feedback from a lot of users and we really appreciate the effort and time taken, from all those who are participating.

You will be pleased to hear we have already begun to implement changes based on the priority feedback received and today we pushed up the latest iteration of Skrilla.

We have added a number of new features, two of which are worth mentioning due to the consistent requests from users. The first is an indicator to show the you the contests you cannot enter due to the current geoblocking of your region. The second allows you to see how many rosters you have already submitted to a contest as well as the maximum number of entries, from the lobby view. lobby

### Mobile In major news we released our first iteration of Skrilla optimised for mobile. Allowing users the ability to view contests, submit rosters, stream live matches and check the leaderboard in real time, all from the palm of your hand!

Visit to check it out.

### Beta Test Competitions We are currently running two beta test competitions. The first one we can read about here. In short, if you send in feedback, you will go in the draw to win SKR.

The second competition is to go in the draw to win 5 x $100 Amazon gift cards. To enter follow this link:

If you were already a beta tester prior to this start of this promotion, you will automatically go in the draw.


We have now been approved for three centralised exchange listings, with two expected in mid February and a further listing in March. Once we have confirmed official listing dates for each of the three, we will release individual announcements along with the corresponding marketing promotions.

For any questions join the discussion —
Best Regards

Damon — Skrilla Co-founder