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Skrilla Progress Update — 11 January 2018

Find out whats been happening at Skrilla!

Damon Oudejans
Skrilla Co-Founder
10th Jan, 2018·☕️ 3 min read

Happy new year Skrilla Community!

Hope your 2018 is off to a flyer. Here is a quick update to kick off the new year.

Exchange Listing

As you may be aware, several exchanges have recently put a pause on registrations due to excessive traffic / regulatory intervention, with exchanges inundated. This is also having a flow-on affect with coin listings. There are considerable queues for new coins wanting to be listed on a number of reputable exchanges, which is why our listing is prolonged.

Regardless, we have been in regular communication with the exchange we are working with. At this immediate stage we don’t have a firm date for listing, however we are assured it is not far away. We understand this is a very important issue to ensure liquidity for all token holders, particularly those that want to buy SKR to participate in our soon to launch Pay to Play Contests. We are doing everything in our power to move this process along as fast as possible. We appreciate your ongoing patience. We will keep you up to date as soon as we have a firm date.

US Beta Testing with SKR integration 🇺🇸

We are excited to announced we have kicked off our beta test phase for United States players with SKR fully integrated. If you are based in the US and 18+ you can join our daily fantasy esports Contests here, and it would be sensational to get your feedback. The Contests are free to enter and you can win SKR! (Note: Please access via desktop, mobile optimisation is being finalised for launch this month)

This is a significant milestone for the team, our goal has always been to work towards building a functioning product with token integration as quickly as possible and we have achieved this in less than 2 months since the token sale close. We believe those crypto-tokens which achieve token-utility fit within a product, will win long term. Working towards making this happen will remain a core focus.

We estimate the beta phase will run for 2 to 3 months maximum, to ensure we achieve the following:

Firstly we must ensure we have our data dialed in and running smoothly, to enable a consistent and engaging user experience. The intention is for the data to update live as the matches are in play. We receive data to run our contests from third party providers, so naturally this may take some tweaking to perfect, prior to scaling the platform.
__Token Integration __

We have completed the initial token integration, which allows you to deposit, withdrawal and win SKR tokens! Your SKR tokens will be held in your Skrilla eWallet. You can link your MyEtherWallet (MEW) account to your Skrilla eWallet and withdraw SKR that you win or deposit, to that account. You will also be able to deposit SKR to your eWallet from your MEW account. As we progress we will continue to iterate and streamline the token purchase / deposit / withdrawal processes, removing friction for ease of use.
__Legal __

As mentioned in an earlier update we have prepared the necessary documentation from our US lawyers to operate free-to-play (sweepstakes) DFS contests into all 50 US states. The next phase will be the operation can of pay-to-play contests in selected states, applying for relevant DFS licenses in specific states, where applicable.

We will be actively seeking feedback from all our players during the beta test period, so we can work towards building the best product possible. In addition we will use the feedback to get an idea of the features / functions we should build next. The best way you can provide feedback is through our discord channel, we have a ‘feedback and ideas’ channel, second you can get in touch via telegram or third email us at, or using the support widget at the bottom of the page.
Best Regards

Damon — Skrilla Co-founder