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Skrilla Progress Update — 13 December 2017

Find out what has been happening at Skrilla!

Damon Oudejans
Skrilla Co-Founder
12th Dec, 2017·☕️ 2 min read

Hello Skrilla Community,

We are back with another update :)

Bounty and Bonus Tokens

We are happy to announce we have distributed the Bounty and Bonus SKR Tokens over the last 24 hours.

The Bounty tokens were issued in accordance with the bounty tracker spreadsheet. If you were a Bounty hunter and have not posted your ETH address on the bitcointalk thread, please do so, so we can ensure you get your SKR in a timely fashion.

Regarding the Bonus tokens, they were issued to those parties who emailed us in relation to the campaign with their MyEtherWallet (MEW) contract address, prior to the opening of the sale, and then purchased tokens with that same address during the sale. You must have completed both of these requirements in order to have received the bonus 100 SKR.

Please get in touch with us via Telegram or via if you have any questions.

Ethereum network issues / Withdrawal of SKR

We have had a large number of support requests regarding the Withdrawal of SKR. Several token holders carried out the token withdrawal procedure in accordance with our FAQ guide and had difficulties getting their SKR tokens to show within their wallets.

The initial instructions would have sufficed had the CryptoKitties madness not descended upon the Ethereum network! For further reading on what happened you can read up here.

CryptoKitties added significant congestion to the Ethereum network. Increasing the Gas Limit to 200,000 or waiting a little longer than usual has now resolved the issue. The FAQ has been updated to reflect that.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you are still having issues, please get in touch.

Trading SKR

SKR became transferrable as of December 4. At the moment SKR is traded on EtherDelta but we are rapidly progressing our listing on our first recognised centralised exchange. We intend to have more to share on this very soon.

The SKR token is currently valued at approximately $0.21 USD. We are working towards building strong daily liquidity based off of exchange listings, user growth with our live product, token integration / demand and execution of our marketing / PR campaign surrounding a number of key upcoming milestones.

It is also dependant on our community spreading the good word. So don’t be shy!

Our current market cap is: 5,562,975 (SKR in circulation) * $0.21 USD = $1,168,224.75 USD

US Launch 🇺🇸

We are in the process of finalising the last task remaining, legal documentation, for the launch of our live tokenised product ( for US users.

Once the legals are complete we will launch a free-to-play version of Skrilla to a public beta group. This will allow US users to enter daily fantasy esports contests and collect winnings in SKR.

If you are a US resident and would like to be part of the beta group, or know someone who likes esports, daily fantasy and crypto, please email us at