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League of Legends Betting & Prediction Guide

Click to read Skrilla's Leauge of Legends (LoL) betting guide, from the different types of bets that you can place on any game and which tournaments.

League of Legends (LoL) is arguably the biggest esport on the planet.

Riot Games first released LoL in 2009 and it was well received from the outset, quickly amassing an active worldwide fanbase that has kept League dominating ever since. As of today there are in excess of 100 million monthly active League of Legends players which has paved the way for a strong, competitive LoL esports scene.

Riot Games has done an exceptional job in building and operating professional LoL esports leagues and tournaments in all major regions across the globe. The tournaments attract huge viewing numbers that often put the largest events in traditional sports to shame.

The growth of professional LoL tournaments has made betting on League of Legends a popular activity among both casual fans who want to turn up the excitement whilst watching, as well as the more seasoned game experts who fancy turning their strong LoL knowledge into winnings!

Skrilla is a betting platform that focuses purely on esports betting and is dedicated to offering a wide range of betting markets, with juicy odds on all major LoL matches globally.

This is Skrilla’s guide to betting on League of Legends.

Why bet on LoL?

When you place bets on LoL with Skrilla you will be provided a service that’s dedicated to Esports. Skrilla is focused purely on esports betting so you are not having to filter through traditional sports markets or unwanted content to get what you want.

How to Bet on League of Legends

Skrilla calculates odds on esports tournaments and matches to create betting markets. Users can then place bets on those markets.

For example you may bet on Cloud 9 to beat Team Vitality, or, you may bet on Cloud9 to get the First Kill.

Wanna learn more about how odds work? Read our FAQ.

To place a bet on League of Legends, first create a Skrilla account:

  • Go to
  • Click the register button and complete the registration details.
  • You must be 18+ to create an account and bet.
  • During the registration process we collect some personal information, such as full name, DOB and address. We require this information as we need to verify your identity due to regulatory reasons.

We are committed to ensuring our users information is stored securely, and work closely with a third party verification service in order to maximise information security when obtaining sensitive information.

Deposit cash

After you have created an account, you will need to deposit cash into the platform via a debit or credit card payment. For more help and information on depositing cash you can follow our FAQ.

Place a bet

Once you have deposited cash, navigate to the Skrilla betting page and filter to the League of Legends betting markets. Select the team or event you would like to place a bet on, and add it to the betslip (you can think of the betslip, like a shopping cart for an online store). Then enter the amount of money you want to wager. This is called the Stake. Submit the bet and you’re done!

For more information on how to place a bet follow our FAQ.

Types of LoL betting - Skrilla’s League of Legends Main Betting Markets:

Market TypeDescription
WinnerThe most common type of bet is to bet outright on a ‘winner’ market. As an example this would be to place a bet on Cloud9 to beat Team Vitality.
Map HandicapThis type of market is great when a match has one team that is considerably better than the other team. A handicap is introduced on the better team, setting a margin, which effectively makes the game equal.
Total Maps, Correct ScoreWhen teams play a best of 2,3 or 5 map matches: Pick the correct score in a best of 2 map. Example 1:1 Pick the correct score in a best of 3 map. Example 2:1 Pick the correct score in a best of 5 map. Example 3:2
1st Map - WinnerPick the team to win the first map.
2nd Map - WinnerPick the team to win the second map.
3rd Map - WinnerPick the team to win the third map.
1st Map - 1st KillPick the team to get the first kill.
1st Map - 1st TowerPick the team to destroyed the first tower.
1st Map - 1st DragonPick the team to kill the first Dragon.
1st Map - 1st BaronPick the team to kill the first Baron.
1st Map - InhibitorPick the team to destroyed the first Inhibitor.
OutrightsOutrights is when you place a bet on a team to reach the quarter finals, semi finals, or win an entire tournament.

Which leagues is betting available

Skrilla offers League of Legends betting markets on a large variety of LoL esports tournaments and leagues:

January to MarchApril to JuneJuly to SeptemberOctober to December
TCL - Turkish League - Winter SeasonTCL - Turkish League - Summer SeasonTCL - Turkish League - Summer SeasonFortuna LOL
LCK - South Korea League - Spring SeasonLCK - South Korea League - Spring SummerLCK - South Korea League - Spring SummerKespa Cup
LJL - Japan League - Spring SeasonLJL - Japan League - Summer SeasonLJL - Japan League - Summer SeasonNEST
LPL - China League - Spring SeasonLPL - China League - Summer SeasonLPL - China League - Summer SeasonAll Star - Group Stage
LCS NA - North America League - Spring SeasonLCS NA - North America League - Summer SeasonLCS NA - North America League - Summer SeasonDemacia Cup
LCS EU - Europe Spring SeasonLCS EU - Europe Summer SeasonLCS EU - Europe Summer Season-
LMS - Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau League - Spring SeasonLMS - Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau League - Summer SeasonLMS - Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau League - Summer Season-
LCL - Russia Spring Season-LCL - Russia Summer Season-
OPL - Oceanic League---
LLN - Latin America North---
CLS - Latin America South---
CBLOL - Brazil League - Summer SeasonCBLOL - Brazil League - Winter SeasonCBLOL - Brazil League - Winter Season-
VCS - Vietnam League - Spring SeasonVCS - Vietnam League - Summer SeasonVCS - Vietnam League - Summer Season-
--World Championship-
-Mid-season Invitational--
-European Masters--
-NA - North America Academy League Summer SeasonNA - North America Academy League Summer Season-
-Challengers KoreaChallengers Korea-
--Rift Rivals - LLN / CLS / CBLOL-
--Rift Rivals - LCL / TCL / VCS-
--Rift Rivals - LCK / LPL / LMS-
--Rift Rivals - SEA / LJL / OPL-
--Rift Rivals - LCK / LPL / LMS-
--Rift Rivals - NA / EU-
--Sea Tour Summer - Group Stage-
--ESL - Meisterschaft - Summer League-
--Esport Balkan League-

The road ahead

Professional Esports is growing at a rapid pace and League of Legends is standing tall as a cornerstone in the competitive Esports scene. Despite new games emerging with new esports leagues and tournaments being created, League of Legends has maintained its stature as an elite and well respected esport and will continue to go from strength to strength for the following reasons:

  • The game is a classic and loved by many. 100 million plus fans can’t be wrong!
  • It is a global game.
  • The large playing base provides for a strong grassroots scene which keeps things at the top highly competitive and well contested.
  • It has stood the test of time. LoL has been around for nearly a decade. A big challenge new esports face is being able to maintain relevance and popularity long enough to establish a competitive and professional scene.
  • League of Legends has without doubt the most professional and well organised Leagues and Tournaments globally. If there is one thing that is currently holding esports back when compared to traditional sports, it is the lack of professionalism and structure around the operations of leagues and tournaments. LoL is leading the charge for esports on this, other esports need to follow suit.

The future is bright for LoL Esports. The fanbase, tournaments and prize pools will continue to grow and betting on League of Legends will be well in amongst all the action!

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