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The Skrilla Esports Token

The Skrilla Token (SKR) is a crypto-token built upon the Ethereum blockchain. It is a utility token used as the core medium for exchange on the Skrilla fantasy esports platform.


Live Product

Live Product

Tokenised daily fantasy esports platform live and operational.

Legal & Compliant

Legal & Compliant

Australian licence issued. Progressing international licences.

Expanding Market

Expanding Market

Esports market is global and rapidly expanding (40% YoY).

Global Reach

Global Reach

Product live and operational in AU and the US. European and Asian markets to follow.

Media Partners

Media Partners

Community, distribution and content driven by GAMURS Group. 4m MAU + 280m monthly impressions.

Talented Team

Talented Team

Talented media, gaming and technical team, operating for 3+ years.

How can I Earn and Use my SKR?

Compete against players worldwide

SKR is the core medium of exchange on the Skrilla platform, similar to casino chips or riot points. That means various types of contests and competitions within the platform are entered into and awarded in SKR.

Earn tokens by helping grow the network

By performing actions that grow the player pools (i.e. social sharing or referring friends) and increase the enjoyment of the platform for all, you can regularly earn tokens that land straight in your Skrilla account.

Early access to live and exclusive events

With our event partners SKR holders will be able to get great deals on early and exclusive access to all kinds of eSports events all over the world.

Take advantage of partner promotions

Through the Skrilla partnership program SKR holders will be able to get access to awesome deals and exclusive gear that you simply can't get anywhere else.

Cash out to $ or hit the open market

Skrilla tokens (SKR) are a traded token on cryptocurrency exchanges (similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum) so they hold real value. You can sell them for USD or trade them for other Cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Partner with or become a Skrilla affiliate

Through our various partner programs on Skrilla, streamers, influencers and other players in the esports industry can be rewarded in SKR today. Contact us for more information.

Our Roadmap

Stage 1 Q1/2 2017

Live Daily Fantasy Platform

Fully functional daily fantasy esports platform launched.

Gaming License

Skrilla Australia is a licensed and regulated gaming operator.

GAMURS Group Partnership

Partnered with one of the world's largest esport media networks.

Live CS:GO Contests

Live Streaming CS:GO contests added.

Initial Userbase (AU)

Established an initial test cohort in Australia.

Stage 2 Q3/4 2017

Token Sale

Designed the SKR Token, and ran the sale for initial backers.

eWallet Token Integration

SKR token integrated and functional within the platform (US).

SKR Token Contests (AU)

Tokenised contests live and functional in Australia.

US Free to Play Contests

Sweepstakes style contests live (US)

Canadian Free to Play Contests

Sweepstakes style contests live (CAN)

Live LoL Contests

Live Streaming LoL contests added.

Stage 3 Q1/2 2018

SKR : Fiat Internal Exchange

In platform exchange of SKR : USD.

Exhange Listing

Listing of the SKR token on its initial public exchange.

Growth Token Integration

Integration of token for incentivisations and network rewards.

US Licences

Establishment of licences in key US jurisdictions.

SKR Token Contests (US)

Tokenised pay to play contests live and running in selected US states.


In platform banter and chat features.


Full DFS experience enabled on mobile.

Live Dota2 Contests

Live Streaming Dota2 contests added.

Live Overwatch Contests

Live Streaming Overwatch contests added.

Stage 4 Q3/4 2018

EU Licences

Establishment of licences in key EU jurisdictions.

Live PUBG Contests

Live Streaming PUBG contests added.

Live RocketLeague Contests

Live Streaming RocketLeague contests added.

Live Hearthstone Contests

Live Streaming Hearthstone contests added.

Throwdown Contest Types this space

Rockup Contest Types this space

Skrilla Gear Store

Awesome store for exclusive SKR only gear and deals.

Stage 5 And Beyond

Head to Head Skill Based Contests

Introduction of H2H skill based contests.

Betting Exchange

Establishment of a betting exchange platform in approved markets.

Alternative Fantasy Competitions

New fantasy categories spanning different timeframes.

Pool Betting

Establishment of pool betting in approved markets.

External Partnerships

Token integration with a range of external parties.

Asian Licences

Establishment of licences in key Asian jurisdictions.

Live Fighting Title Contests

Live Streaming Fighting Title (SF / SmashBros etc) contests added.